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  1. OnlyPosts Posts from people you follow without reposts and replies
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  2. Mutuals Posts from users who are following you back
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  3. JP 日本語 (Japanese Language) Reply、Repost、Quote、一部のbotを非表示。
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  4. Art Images posted by artists on Bluesky
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  5. SF: Game Dev
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  6. Gardening Your one-stop-shop for houseplants, chickens, flowers, botany, foraging, and anything related to plants. v1.4 Built with Skyfeed.
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  7. Birds! 🦉 Birds galore! Photos, art, science, memes, & more! Registered contributors can post to the feed using #birds or one of these emojis: 🦉🪶. 🚫No AI/NFT or scrapers.
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  8. Urbanism+ A feed for Urbanists, transit nerds, and advocates of safe and accessible cities. ♥️ and sub and SHARE the feed! buy a coffee:
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  9. Political Science A feed for political science and international relations research and discussion. For academics and people who want to follow scholarship, not general discussion/rants/etc. Ask to be added. Tag posts with "polisci" or 🌐 or "polisky"
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  10. Kikorangi 7-day rolling feed of posts related to Aotearoa New Zealand. Some common AoNZ words already scanned for in posts and alt-text, but use #kiwi or 🇳🇿 to manually include yours.
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  11. 📽️ A better movies feed for film lovers! Filmsky posts, movie news & reviews, trailers, Letterboxd chatter — it’s all here. To publish to it use the film projector emoji 📽️ And if you use this feed, please ❤️ this feed!
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  12. Writing and Books Casting a wide net to pick up as many writing and book related posts as possible!
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  13. WorldNews World News articles from Reuters, AP News, The Guardian, The Conversation, BBC, SBS, NYTimes, Al Jazeera, CNN, NBC News, Euronews, ABC, Financial Times, LA TImes, The Daily Telegraph (UK), Deutsche Welle (DW), Independent, VRT nws, Times of Israel, France 24. See more in pinned post
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  14. Discover Posts you might enjoy, based on your likes. Full algorithm:
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  15. Fungi Friends posts about mushrooms (hopefully). either include a 🍄📷 or #fungifriends to be included :3
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  16. 買ってよかった23 今年買ってよかったもの、買って満足したもの、お勧め出来るものを「買ってよかった23」「買って良かった23」をつけてpostしてください!
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  17. BoobSky 🍒 all things titty related - boobs, titty, tits, bewbs, tiddies etc.
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  18. Catch Up Most popular posts from the last 24 hours
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  19. What's Cooking 🍽️ home cooking, femernation, brewing, pickling, baking, canning, preserving, delicious food and much more! contributors, add 🍽️to your posts or Alt Text to add them to the feed. tag me to get contributor status.
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  20. Pro-Wrestling Posts about pro-wrestling Please tag posts with #prowrestling,🤼,#wrestlesky,🤼‍♀️,🤼‍♂️, or #LuchaLibre to get them to show up. Using tags for the following promotions will also show up: #aew,#wwe,#NJPW,#ROH,#Impact,#GCW,#TJPW,#ECW,#WCW, #AJPW, #DDT, #NOAH, #STARDOM
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  21. What's History 🗃️ Posts by historians using 🗃 or skystorians; to be added as poster.
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  22. #Fotovorschlag #Fotovorschlag Feed
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  23. 本とかを読む 本とか書籍っぽいものを読んでいる、読書がしたい、読了した、という投稿が集まります
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  24. BookSky 💙📚 a feed for anyone who likes reading and books! share what you're reading with us by using 💙📚 in your posts.
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  25. CFB A feed of College Football Adjacent Accounts. The following hashtags and emoji will show up in the feed: #cfb, #collegefootball, #ncaafb, #cfbsky, #fbs, #fcs, #d2fb, #d3fb, #appoll, #aptop25, #cfbplayoff, #collegefootballplayoff, #doink,🏟️,"🎓🏈"
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  26. Art: What's Hot See what's hot in art by human artists! Filters out AI/NFTs. Use #art to post. Pulls from a growing list of popular art related hashtags. Please Pin, Like and Share to help the feed get discovered!
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  27. Treksky A Star Trek feed for Bluesky
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  28. Museums 🏛️ Feed with skeets containing the word "museum".
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  29. Doctor Who A feed for Doctor Who, shows every post with #doctorwho in it, also other doctor who related words. to report issues
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  30. 한국어 (SkyFeed) 7일 이내 작성된, 한국어가 한 글자 이상 들어간 모든 포스트들을 모은 피드입니다. 스카이피드 피드 제너레이터(에서 생성했습니다. 스카이피드에서 이 피드를 기반으로 다른 피드를 만들 수 있습니다.
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  31. #nba Posts with #nba from the whole network
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  32. 買っちゃった! 思わず買っちゃったものを集めたfeedです。 みんなで楽しくお買い物
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  33. GreenSky A big list of climate accounts, filtered loosely for keywords. Ping me if you want in! All details and full member list here:
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  34. Suomi24 Kaikkien suomenkielisten postauksien syöte, aikajärjestyksessä.
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  35. Vtuber Fightclub Will search for Posts (not Replies) in the past 7 days containing the words and hashtags Vtuber, Vsky, ENVtuber, PNGtuber.
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  36. 🇹🇭Thai Feeds พวกแกใช่ฅนไทยป่ะ Feed of all post in Thai language. แสดงฟีดที่มีภาษาไทย
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  37. Bluesky Night Market We're trying out a Bluesky indie art market! Indie artists/crafters/etc, skeet what you're selling with pics/links/etc and include #bsnm to share your wares in the market. alt hashtags: #BlueskyNightMarket #BskyNightMarket #NightMarket
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  38. Cakrawala Indonesia Cakrawala berisi kiriman dari semua pengguna dalam klaster bahasa Indonesia. · · · Feed hanya menampilkan sesuai tag bahasa terpilih { id } pada "post language". Sebagian mungkin hilang jika pengaturan "content languages" bukan dalam bahasa Indonesia. Gunakan #nofeed agar tidak muncul di feed.
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  39. AoNZ Politics Feed for Aotearoa New Zealand political posts. Tag with #nzpol to include posts here.
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  40. #EduSky 🍎 A feed of posts tagged with #EduSky (education, educators, teachers, teaching, edtech) Anyone can post with #EduSky If you are on the spreadsheet, you can post with 🍎
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  41. MLB+ Baseball talk on Bluesky.
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  42. News and Journalists News and Journalists feed
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  43. Photoreel🎞️ A feed for photographers 🎞️ Photography feed that includes Polaroids, black and white, 35mm, pinhole, analogue and digital photographs from all over the world.
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  44. UNVEU 1. FC Union Berlin Content! Dieser Feed führt alle deutschsprachigen Beiträge der letzten 7 Tage, welche die gängigsten Union Schlagworte und Hashtags enthalten zu einer kurzweiligen FCU Timeline zusammen. Eisern! (inkl. Spieltagshashtags der Bundesliga Saison)
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  45. AcademicSky Tag = #AcademicSky Coverage = academia | academic chatter | academic jobs | higher education | scholarship | science | university | (If you like this feed, please 💓 it!)
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  46. Photography 📷 Pictures from the entire network tagged with the 📷 emoji
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  47. TTRPG TTRPG related posts
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  48. Video Games A curated feed for everything video game related! Use the 🎮 emoji if you'd like to make sure your post ends up in the feed.
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  49. CyberSecurity / Infosec CyberSecurity / Infosec Feed tracking several key words - by Fran Last updated: October 4th to remove DFIR related "forensics" matches
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  50. #Disability
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  51. Art: New Posts A feed for new human made art posts. Filters out AI/NFTs. Use #art to post. Pulls from a growing list of popular art hashtags. Please Pin, Like and Share to help the feed get discovered!
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  52. Romancelandia For those who would like to be included in conversations regarding Romance novels/books. please use one of the following #romancebook|#romancelandia|#romtalk|#rombktalk|#romancebooks|#romancebks|#rombks
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  53. 青空ごはん部 美味しい!をシェアする青空ごはん部のフィードです。 Feed for Bluesky Gohan Club, the virtual club sharing delicious food photo posts!
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  54. Moss 🟢 Mossfeed: Photos & last 7 days only for the moment. This is a nature feed featuring green mossy photography & may be refined over time. Feed created by
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  55. Marine Life! 🦑 Marine life galore! Photos, art, science, memes, & more! Registered contributors can post to the feed using #MarineLife or 🦑. 🚫No AI/NFT or scrapers.
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  56. ケモノ このフィードには、「ケモノ」、「オスケモ」、「メスケモ」、または「ケモナー」というキーワードが含まれています。
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  57. Food, glorious food! A feed for all things food related, pictures, recipes, go nuts! Use the 🍜 emoji in the post to add to the feed.
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  58. #EconSky 📉📈 Economics BlueSky feed Post with: 📉📈 or 📈📉 or #econsky
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  59. Anti-Extremist Research Feed for journalists, academics, and independent researchers, covering and exposing the far-right. Includes researchers from across the US and Europe. Anyone can use the hashtag "#AntiExtremistResearch" on an original post for it to be included in the feed.
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  60. 🎧 use the headphones emoji 🎧 to talk about music you like, share songs, talk about making music, sharing your own music, talking about music gear, posting your weekly topster collage... this feed is for everything music!
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  61. Poetry A feed for poets and lovers of poetry! Use #poetry in your skeet for it to appear in this feed
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  62. 18+ Links All posts & replies with adult/porn links Includes Onlyfans/OF, Fansly, Pornhub/PH, ManyVids/MV, LoyalFans, Clips4Sale/C4S, MyFreeCams/MFC, Chaturbate/CB, IWantClips/IWC, Stripchat, Fanvue, Slushy, Playboy, APClips, JustForFans/JFF, NiteFlirt/NF, SextPanther/SP, Fansify
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  63. Friendly Fire Feed für #FriendlyFire
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  64. 😷Covid Cautious Feed displays a variety of terms to prioritize posts by folks who are: covid cautious, researchers, & those sharing covid news. Use #stillcoviding or #covidcautious to make sure your post is included. Check the comment(s) under the pinned post for more details.
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  65. Discover Art! A randomly sorted feed for #art posts with fewer than 20 likes. Note: #art can be in the text or alt text! *Limited to 3 days of history!* *No AI/NFT
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  66. Premier League Football Premier League Football feed. 400+ Keywords across all clubs. No Hash Tags Needed.
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  67. Gaming All inclusive, chronological video game feed, picks up various gaming/gamer related keywords, also including game development, game news, & esports. May include some posts about board games/card games Use 🎮, 🕹️, or #gaming to easily include any post
    loaded 12 897x scrolled 290x refreshed 319x
  68. SciArt 🐡 🔸The intersection of art + science. 🔸Once added, use #SciArt or 🐡 or related #tags in post or alt text for posts to appear. 🚫No AI/NFTs 🔹Curated by | Thank you!
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  69. MLB Major League Baseball News and discussion
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  70. Himbofeed Himbofeed is an opt-in feed curating only the primary posts (no replies or reposts) of its members. Contact to be added.
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  71. #LawSky A feed for the legal community. Use the #LawSky hashtag or ⚖️ (justice scales emoji) for your post to appear here. Maintained by (tag me with suggestions or corrections)
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  72. Journalists AT Austrian Journalists Leute aus Österreich, die irgendwas mit Medien machen. ...wird laufend upgedatet... Ideen/Wünsche/Anmerkungen zu Ergänzungen oder Entfernungen bitte an:
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  73. FFXIV After Dark 🔞 A feed for NSFW gposes, art and prose from the Final Fantasy XIV fandom. Phrases included: ffxivnsfw, gposersnsfw, ffxivlewds, xivnsfw, xivafterdark (With or without #)
    loaded 8 111x scrolled 655x refreshed 621x
  74. NSFW Art NSFW Art on BlueSky. Tag your image posts with #nsfwart to feed it here. Also works for reposts.
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  75. Journalistes 🇫🇷 Un Feed propulsé par des comptes journalistes, sans les réponses, reposts - si vous êtes journalistes contactez pour rejoindre la liste
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  76. Liked by Follows Posts liked in the last 10 hours by people you follow. Likes are worth less the more posts someone liked!
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  77. Discworld discworld | Pratchett | rincewind | vimes | twoflower | weatherwax | ysabell | gaspode | greebo | ironfoundersson | dorfl | eskarina | vetinari | uberwald | garlick | lipwig | conina | morpork | wizzard | nanny ogg | gytha | 💿🌐|A'Tuin | Ridcully | Klatch | Klatchian | Djelibeybi | Angua | Dibbler
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  78. Ukraine OSINT Ukraine war feed filled with open source intelligence accounts.
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  79. Craftiverse New feed for all things crafting. Include this emoji to get picked up! 🧶 Questions to
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  80. December Duets #DecemberDuets|December Duets|#decemberduets|DecemberDuets
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  81. Fountain Pens A feed that includes any posts with the term fountain pen.
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  82. About Osaka Posts about Osaka, Japan. 日本の大阪に関する投稿。
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  83. Re+Posts Posts and reposts from people you follow without replies
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  84. Witchsky Welcome to witchsky, for posts related to witchcraft, occultism, paganism, spirituality, etc - (lets keep it anti-fascist) Use #witchsky, #occultsky, #spiritsky, #astrologysky, #esotericsky or #pagansky for your post to be added!
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  85. Baldur's Gate III A video game feed for Baldur's Gate III! Posts containing #BG3spoilers are confined to a separate feed, but there may still be untagged spoilers, so read with caution.
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  86. neuroskyence Neuroscience posts on BlueSky! Add #neuroscience, #neuroskyence, 🧠📈, or 🧠🟦 to your post for it to appear in this feed. Rules: No bigotry. No personal insults. Posts must be about neuroscience. Run by
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  87. Nederlands Een feed van accounts die voornamelijk in de nederlandse taal posten.
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  88. Sociology A feed for sociological research and discussion. Tag = #sociology or #sociological Also includes all posts (not replies) with the words sociology or sociologist (temporary experiment)
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  89. Writing Community Writing Community Will collect posts with hashtag #writingcommunity, #writerscommunity, #writer(s)
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  90. Libro📘 Libro: 書籍、出版、読書についての投稿を配信します。 @libroと書かれた投稿は自動で取得されます。
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  91. Spec List A feed for the speculative literature world. Ask to be added or use the following to have posts included: #speclit, #specfic, #scifilit, #horrorlit, #fantasylit, #sff, #sffh
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  92. OverheardBsky Overheard Bluesky - out of context replies "overheard" in feeds. See something funny with no context that could be its own post, reply with just the word "overheard" and it'll show up here.
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  93. Lehrer:innen Das "Lehrer:innen-Zimmer": Folgt den einschlägigen Hashtags, z.B. #bluelz So, wie gewohnt. 🙂
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  94. #ArtAdventCalendar #artAdventCalendar runs from December 1-24 post an original piece of your own work. It doesn't need to be new or themed. No AI/NSFW. All posts use the hashtag #ArtAdventCalendar. That's it! Just post & share to beautify the timeline! for more details
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  95. NFL+ Football talk on Bluesky.
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  96. Anime & Manga News The latest updates from across the network talking about anime and manga.
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  97. レシピリンク リンクつきの「レシピ」postを集めたfeedです。ご飯の参考に。
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  98. 📺 Bluesky's first dedicated TV feed! TV news, episode reviews, Serializd & TV Time chatter — it’s all here. To publish to it use the television emoji 📺 And if you use this feed, please ❤️ this feed!
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  99. Spurs Unofficial Tottenham Hotspur Bluesky feed. COYS!
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  100. Fahrrad allgemein 🚲🔧 Allgemeiner Fahrradbubble-Feed 🚲🔧 #Fahrrad #Radfahren #Fahrradbubble #adfc #mdrza
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  101. fat cock friday feed containing all posts with "fat cock friday" "fat gock friday" "fcf" or "fgf"
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  102. Gay Bears Gay Bears and big boys. All posts, no reposts/replies. To be added to the feed go to
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  103. #french feed feed using #french, 🇫🇷 and many more as keywords. enjoy !!!
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  104. Anthropology/Archaeology Any post with 🏺
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  105. Ecology and Conservation A feed for science, policy, stories and news on ecology and conservation. Posts with any globe emoji (🌍, 🌎, or 🌏)from users on the list will show up in the feed (just ask to be added to the list!)
    loaded 7 922x scrolled 147x refreshed 1 049x
  106. Non-D&D TTRPG Everything TTRPG excluding everything D&D
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  107. SkyHub 🖤🧡 A feed of bsky's hottest SWers! Use 🧡🖤, skyhub, or 🖤🧡 in caption or alt text
    loaded 3 467x scrolled 570x refreshed 435x
  108. Reptiles & Amphibians! 🐍 Snakes, frogs, lizards, & more! Registered contributors can post to the feed using #herps or one of the emojis 🦎🐢🐍🐸🐊. 🚫No AI/NFT or scrapers.
    loaded 6 661x scrolled 208x refreshed 546x
  109. Indigisky🔥 #LandBack #WaterBack #SkyBack. taking what's ours one skeet at a time. This feed pulls from key words as well as the Indigiskeeters list. if you're looking for Indigenous content this is the place to be.
    loaded 7 240x scrolled 142x refreshed 232x
  110. TeamVorsicht Covid19 Hier tauchen alle Posts auf, die das Hashtag #TeamVorsicht, #DieMaskebleibtauf, #covidisnotover, #MaskeAuf, MaskenSchützen benutzen.
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  111. Pokemon Pokemon Feed - posts containing pokemon or pokémon
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  112. Czech Posty českých uživatelů za posledních 24 hodin.
    loaded 3 683x scrolled 457x refreshed 2 139x
  113. Féminisme Féminisme intersectionnel, un fil pour regrouper les tweets sur le féminisme principalement en français, et en anglais. Intersectional feminism, a feed for tweets about feminism, mainly in French and English.
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  114. Memes Meme feed - posts only with pictures with "meme" in the alt text
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  115. ClaraGram 📸🍑 'only the photos' feed from your favorite redhead 🍄📸
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  116. 飯 美味しそうなのを集めました。(Japanese Foods) ※そうでないものもたまに混じります。
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  117. Langsky / Linguistics A feed for linguists, language nerds, etymologists, multilinguals and (aspiring) polyglots (formerly #langtwt) Add #langsky #linguistics #etymology or #multilingual to your post to add it to the feed
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  118. Indie game Feed a feed for those that want to see indie games that are being shared on Bluesky
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  119. NAFO A feed for cartoon dogs who support Ukraine Keywords for your posts to appear here are: #NAFO #Fella #ToonieTuesday #DailyFella #wearenafo
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  120. JP (without bot系) 一部bot等を除いた日本語話者(Japanese)のフィードですん。ブルスカちゃん&地震botは拾ってます。NSFWラベルありポストも拾いません。適宜更新&修正予定です。
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  121. Century Club 💯🏆 most recent skeets to hit 100 likes
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  122. 面白がる人々 面白い、面白かったとつぶやいているポストが流れるフィードです。
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  123. Jeux-Vidéo Francophone 🎮Feed qui publie les skeets du jeux-vidéo francophone. Préférez les mots en français et non en anglais Skeets originaux, pas les Reposts ! MAJ fréquente !
    loaded 6 987x scrolled 46x refreshed 764x
  124. MedSky Welcome to Medsky, a place for the medical community to get together and exchange ideas. To show up in the feed, add "Medsky", "Medtwitter", or one of the following emojis to your post: 🩺,⚕️
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  125. Suomi Syöte Kaikki suomenkieliset postaukset.
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  126. NHL Welcome to the official BlueSky NHL Feed, created by The Hockey Hotline
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  127. Contraction Tracks #ContractionTracks|Contraction Tracks|ContractionTracks|#contractiontracks
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  128. Horror Horror movie chat. Picks up references to HorrorSky, #Horror, various horror movie terms or names, or the 📽️ projector emoji alongside one of these: 👻🧛☠️💀🔪🎃🧟. Posts need at least one like to qualify!
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  129. EpiSky 😷 Welcome #epitwitter refugees! A simple feed scooping up epidemiology content in the spirit of #epitwitter and Epitwitter! Include any of the following in your post (# not required but allowed cuz old twitter habits die hard!): epidemiology episky 😷 💉 Ping tejenson with user acct exclude requests!
    loaded 6 762x scrolled 25x refreshed 254x
  130. All NSFW Theme Days! Morning Wood/Meaty/Monochrome Monday, Testicle/Tummy/Tushy/Tighty-Whitey Tuesday, Hump Day/Wet/Wiener Wednesday, Thirsty/Thigh/Thick Thursday/Fursday, Fat Cock/Hog Friday, Softie/Union Suit Saturday, and Softie/Dick Root Sunday, and more all in one photos-only feed!
    loaded 2 141x scrolled 483x refreshed 358x
  131. Climate Change Science This curated feed compiles original posts (no reposts) from more than 1800 climate scientists, sci comm and reporters It relies on a public list with 1872 members as of Dec 1 2023
    loaded 4 411x scrolled 243x refreshed 227x
  132. #MusicianSky A feed of music posts on Bluesky. Let's build our music community together! Use #musiciansky or #musicianfeed to have your post appear on the feed!
    loaded 5 118x scrolled 151x refreshed 104x
  133. sizesky a feed of sizekink stuff: use #SizeSky to post here
    loaded 5 526x scrolled 104x refreshed 340x
  134. Disasters: Earthquakes Disaster feed for terms related to earthquakes.
    loaded 2 174x scrolled 432x refreshed 907x
  135. #ChronicIllness #ChronicIllness Feed finding keywords of #mecfs, #cfs, #LongCovid, #eds, #lupus, #fibromyalgia, #fibro, #POTS, #MCAS, #MigraineChat and #NEISvoid, #dysautonomia, #RA, #RheumatoidArthritis, #pwME, #pwLC, #MS, #MultipleSclerosis, #gastroparesis, #cpp, #ChronicPain and #ChronicIllness (see pinned post)
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  136. FF14_unofficial 日本のFF14関係フィードです【試行錯誤中】 主にFF14に関係するワードを拾ってます *所謂幅広いユーザーに楽しんでもらえるように色々調整してます ■フィードに拾ってほしくない人向けご案内 #XKL と入れると拾われないように調整してみました
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  137. Furry ABDL A feed for furry ABDLs that captures all mention of "ABDL", "diaperFur", "babyFur", "diaper", and/or the emojis "🐾🧷" or just "🧷" in the post, alt text, and link tiles.
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  138. Medias🇫🇷 @mediasfr Un flux d'info en contenu d'une sélection de médias Français !
    loaded 5 365x scrolled 104x refreshed 771x
  139. 原神 原神関連の単語が含まれているポストのフィードです。 ・ポストの言語設定が日本語である必要があります ・プレイアブルキャラは、誤判定の可能性が高い名前であっても全キャラ分抽出しています(リサやジン、胡桃など)
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  140. Nature Curated list of professional and amatuer wildlife and landscape photographers CN: bugs, spiders, insects
    loaded 3 685x scrolled 271x refreshed 106x
  141. Naturism Feed for naturism, naturists, nudists and nudism. Celebrating the non-sexual naked community.
    loaded 1 877x scrolled 451x refreshed 1 492x
  142. A Feed I Enjoy
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  143. JP Images 日本語設定の画像を抽出。(Japanese Images)
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  144. Israel-Hamas War A comprehensive feed intended to pull in as many posts as possible about the Israel-Hamas war, and the antisemitism surrounding that topic. Please report any spammers to keep the feed usable for everyone.
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  145. french post only posts francophones, sans les replies
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  146. Top skeets FR Top skeets francophones (en théorie mais ne marche pas top) de la semaine
    loaded 4 713x scrolled 143x refreshed 1 135x
  147. 🧠 AuDHD, ADHD, & Autism Feed grabs posts that include: AuDHD, ADHD, Autism, autistic, autist, adhder, actuallyautistic, audhder
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  148. Catch up 3h catch up 3h
    loaded 1 011x scrolled 506x refreshed 1 802x
  149. Fishsky 🐠 Behold Fishsky, a feed for fishkeeping and other aquarium hobbies. Feed picks up: 🐠 at beginning or end of post, fishkeeping, #fishtank, #fishsky, fish tank, and aquarium. Feed avatar: "Sky Fishes" by Jessica Sanchez.
    loaded 1 843x scrolled 422x refreshed 435x
  150. Queer vTubers Queer vTubers on bsky. Intersectional. No hate speech. To add yourself contact
    loaded 5 279x scrolled 78x refreshed 882x
  151. Artistes Français/es Artistes Français/es
    loaded 5 165x scrolled 89x refreshed 6 672x
  152. Indie Devs & Games Pure #IndieDev #IndieGame #SoloDev #IndieGameDev #IndieDeveloper feed. Let's bring Game Dev together. No RT, no replies. ♥️ 4 Indie Games!
    loaded 4 504x scrolled 154x refreshed 102x
  153. Gaming In this feed, you'll see gaming industry news and gaming content. #Gaming #GameNews
    loaded 4 601x scrolled 143x refreshed 96x
  154. T2/Pebble Pub A feed for everyone who was on T2/Pebble. If you haven't been added and would like to be, please submit your Bluesky profile URL to this Google Form:
    loaded 3 636x scrolled 231x refreshed 130x
  155. Naturalists 🌿 Skeets from users on the "Naturalists Feed Accounts" list maintained by that also contain the word "naturalist", the hashtag "#naturalist" or the 🌿emoji.
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  156. Blue Zicos 2023 #BlueZicos2023|#bluezicos2023|Blue Zicos 2023
    loaded 5 179x scrolled 74x refreshed 643x
  157. Japanese Hot 日本語で20いいね以上のpostを集めたフィードです。
    loaded 3 951x scrolled 189x refreshed 505x
  158. Philosophy of Science Tag = #philsci (If you like this feed, please 💓 it!)
    loaded 4 587x scrolled 124x refreshed 527x
  159. December Decorations December Decorations|#DecemberDecs|#DecemberDecorations|DecemberDecs
    loaded 4 868x scrolled 93x refreshed 413x
  160. 🌈 My Little Pony 🦄 shows you any post tagged #mlp or #mylittlepony as well as any post with a major character's name, with some exclusions to avoid unrelated posts because rarity and applejack are words. to exclude a post from this feed, include nofeed or nomlpfeed in your post
    loaded 3 686x scrolled 205x refreshed 26 160x
  161. NFL Feed for everything NFL. Use any team's full name (ex: Tennessee Titans) or use NFL in a post to show up in this feed.
    loaded 4 847x scrolled 86x refreshed 619x
  162. Mammals! 🦊 Mammals galore! Photos, art, science, memes, & more! Registered contributors can post to the feed using #Mammals or 🦊. 🚫No AI/NFT or scrapers. Please keep domestic dogs/cats to the dog & cat feeds!
    loaded 4 228x scrolled 147x refreshed 210x
  163. 하루치 밀린 블스 따라잡기 최근 24시간 동안 좋아요를 많이 받은 한국어 포스트들을 좋아요 순으로 보여줍니다. 좋아요가 3개 이상이고 한국어가 한 글자 이상 들어간 포스트 대상입니다.
    loaded 3 751x scrolled 193x refreshed 2 368x
  164. Women in STEM Posts tagged with 👩‍🔬|👩🏻‍🔬|👩🏼‍🔬|👩🏽‍🔬|👩🏾‍🔬|👩🏿‍🔬 from members of Science, SciArt or EduSky, and #WomenInSTEM from anywhere.
    loaded 4 270x scrolled 132x refreshed 199x
  165. 刀剣乱舞 とうらぶお嬢様方が楽しく見れたらと思いお試しで作成させていたできました。 ここから、このワード検索でfeed作りたいわって方が今後いらっしゃるかもしれません。 それまでの繋ぎにでも良かったらお使いいただけたら~と思います! **キーワード** 刀剣乱舞/とうらぶ/刀ステ/刀ミュ
    loaded 4 745x scrolled 79x refreshed 608x
  166. College Football For all your college football needs! Use the tags 🎓🏈, #CFB, #CFBsky, #Collegefootball,#NCAAFB,#FCS,#D2FB,#D3FB to get posts to show up here Update: Most conference tags should now also work on here but it's not letting me list them all in the description
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  167. Super Hot Top trending content from the whole network but with much higher turnover than What's Hot.
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  168. Climate Politics ClimateSky is a feed for those working on the politics of climate change, broadly defined. Like and pin the feed and tag posts with ClimateSky. Message @fredshaia if you'd like to join the list. ClimateSky is a sub-feed of Polisky.
    loaded 4 506x scrolled 93x refreshed 186x
  169. Gundam Feed A feed for everything gundam!
    loaded 4 605x scrolled 82x refreshed 745x
  170. All things TTRPG A comprehensive TTRPG feed, including: - Blades in the Dark - Call of Cthulhu - Dungeons & Dragons - Dungeon Crawl Classics - Dungeon World - Pathfinder - Powered by the Apocalypse - Old School Renaissance - Shadowdark - Starfinder - Traveller - Vampire: the Masquerade Among others.
    loaded 3 003x scrolled 239x refreshed 668x
  171. Earth Scientists Earth and Planetary Scientists talking about Earth and Planetary Science Pester to be added to the posting list and then use #earth-science, #geoscience or the ⚒️ symbol Temporary — while we get used to the tags / hammers, adding search terms
    loaded 3 746x scrolled 163x refreshed 1 114x
  172. 🕹️Retrocomputing Go back to the golden era of home computers!
    loaded 5 137x scrolled 19x refreshed 232x
  173. LongCovid Long Covid feed Finds the key words #LongCovid, "Long Covid", #pwLC, "post acute sequelae", #PASC, #LonghaulCovid, #CovidLongaulers, #ChronicCovid, #PostCovidConditions and #c19Longhauler
    loaded 3 867x scrolled 143x refreshed 1 883x
  174. the peachy megafeed 🍑 all photo posts with a 🍑 emoji, so all things peaches, booty, butts, ass, derriere, behind etc.
    loaded 903x scrolled 439x refreshed 177x
  175. Holidays ❄️ A photo feed for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year's, and other winter holiday celebrations!
    loaded 2 657x scrolled 260x refreshed 108x
  176. Journalists on Bluesky A list of reputable journalists who posts on the regular. Remember: Journalists are people first!
    loaded 4 561x scrolled 67x refreshed 606x
  177. Art: Commissions Feed of artists open for commissions. Use #commissions or #artcommissions. Filters out AI/NFTs.
    loaded 2 055x scrolled 316x refreshed 95x
  178. Pottery A feed that pulls all mentions of the word pottery
    loaded 2 046x scrolled 315x refreshed 1 096x
  179. Horror Artists Image posts made by a curated list of horror (and horror-adjacent) artists!
    loaded 3 563x scrolled 163x refreshed 194x
  180. Game Narrative & Writing (Shortlink: All things video game narrative, writing & storytelling related! [#narrativedesign, #gamewriting, other key terms from a list of industry pros are auto-included in the feed - @gregbuchanan to propose new people] Don't forget to ❤️ the feed!
    loaded 4 407x scrolled 77x refreshed 239x
  181. 食べちゃった 「食べちゃった」「食べてしまった」食の誘惑に負けてしまったfeedです。 余分なカロリーは心の栄養
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  182. SF: Game News
    loaded 4 723x scrolled 42x refreshed 12 838x
  183. Anneyong A feed for #Kdrama fans . Posts will appear on the feed if you use #Kdrama or kdrama or Korean drama limited to posts in the last seven days
    loaded 2 777x scrolled 232x refreshed 615x
  184. OSINT 🕵️ Posts from the last 7 days with the hashtag: #OSINT or #osint (image by alvaro_cabrera on Freepik)
    loaded 4 958x scrolled 13x refreshed 25 285x
  185. Webcomics A BlueSky feed for webcomics, specifically. Tried to include different formats, webcomic platforms, and comic collectives. Let me know if I missed any!
    loaded 4 358x scrolled 71x refreshed 192x
  186. Fighting Game Community A feed for the Fighting Game Community! Features these topics, with more to be added! -fighting games, fgc, street fighter, sf6, tekken, guilty gear, ggst, mortal kombat, dragon ball fighterz, dbfz, king of fighters, melty blood, anime fighters, anime fighting games, afgc, fgc art
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  187. Dec Music Memories #DecMusicMemories|Dec Music Memories|DecMusicMemories|#decmusicmemories
    loaded 4 658x scrolled 31x refreshed 209x
  188. #rstats Since Bluesky doesn't support hashtags (yet), this is a fake hashtag feed for all posts with #rstats
    loaded 4 051x scrolled 90x refreshed 407x
  189. Sonic Posts related to Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog. From the games, comics, animation, and fan creations. News: & Use #Sonic or #SonicTheHedgehog for posts to appear here.
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  190. Secret Word the secret word of the day is ______
    loaded 3 480x scrolled 134x refreshed 189x
  191. 🇨🇦 A better 🇨🇦 feed for Canadians! Picks up all the popular Canada hashtags (#cdnpoli #abpoli #onpoli #topoli #polqc, #cdnnews, etc) PLUS national news stories from the major English & French pubs.
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  192. どうでもいい写真部 #Bluesky どうでもいい写真部 の投稿を配信します。
    loaded 4 702x scrolled 10x refreshed 330x
  193. RetroGaming Retro gaming feed for Bluesky
    loaded 2 166x scrolled 263x refreshed 477x
  194. kleine Kunstklasse Willkommen in der Community der Kunstschaffenden.
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  195. NubClub A feed of men locked in chastity. Be sure you're on the list and include nub, chastity, cage, caged, Locktober, teamlocked or locked (with or without a hashtag) in your post or alt text for it to appear here! please reach out to to be added. icon by
    loaded 2 459x scrolled 232x refreshed 559x
  196. Maple Media OnlyPhotos from the best Maya you know,
    loaded 1 706x scrolled 296x refreshed 57x
  197. Fotografie Fotografie Der Feed zeigt Posts in denen die Worte Fotografie oder Photography vorkommen (egal ob mit oder ohne #). Porn ist rausgefiltert
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  198. News (Deutschland) News-Angebote aus Deutschland - wird kontinuierlich ergänzt
    loaded 3 634x scrolled 99x refreshed 417x
  199. На русском Лента для русскоязычного комьюнити. Хронологическая.
    loaded 645x scrolled 391x refreshed 1 039x
  200. Discover Art! (no furry) *This feed is the same as the Discover Art! feed, with the only difference being that furry content is filtered out. A randomly sorted feed for #art posts with fewer than 20 likes. Note: #art can be in the text or alt text! *Limited to 3 days of history!* No AI/NFT
    loaded 1 469x scrolled 307x refreshed 400x
  201. Japanese Super Hot 過去7日間で100いいね以上の日本語を含むポストを掲載しています。 Posts containing Japanese with at least 100 likes in the past 7 days are listed.
    loaded 4 386x scrolled 15x refreshed 320x
  202. Journalism Feed Feed for all things media! Currently using journalism | journalist | journo| copyeditor | editor| 📝| #journalism and adding individuals via permission. If you want to be added or have feedback:
    loaded 3 583x scrolled 91x refreshed 130x
  203. Trans Streamline People known for friendly transgender discussion, emotional support/connections and LGBTQ+ news. The list is manually reviewed and kept up by, so reach out with suggestions of people to add.
    loaded 2 848x scrolled 164x refreshed 323x
  204. Pixel Art A simple Pixel Art feed. Pretty bad actually. Should find any posts with "8bit" or "Pixel" "art" or "artist" or "pixelart" for example. Includes post text, alt text, and link descriptions. "Run" by
    loaded 2 938x scrolled 151x refreshed 220x
  205. Non-WotC & Paizo TTRPGs Non-D&D, non-Pathfinder TTRPGs, including: - Blades in the Dark - Call of Cthulhu - Dungeon Crawl Classics - Dungeon World - Knave - Powered by the Apocalypse - Old School Renaissance - Shadowdark - Traveller - Vampire: the Masquerade Among others.
    loaded 3 999x scrolled 42x refreshed 159x
  206. iTeachMath ♾️ Mathematics Education feed tracking: #MTBoS|#iTeachMath|#iTeachMaths|#MathEd|#MathsEd|#MathChat|#MathsChat| EduSky can post with ♾️
    loaded 3 850x scrolled 56x refreshed 392x
  207. Türkçe Turkish Timeline
    loaded 648x scrolled 373x refreshed 51x
  208. Arknights Feed for anything Arknights related! Use: Arknights, アークナイツ, 明日方舟, or 명일방주 in text or alt texts and your post shall appear!
    loaded 3 389x scrolled 98x refreshed 461x
  209. Splatoon Pulls from keyworks associated with Splatoon. #splatoon or #splatoon3 will definitely get you in. Please Pin, Like and Share to help get the feed discovered!
    loaded 1 047x scrolled 329x refreshed 654x
  210. Buchbubble Hier kommt alles rein, was mit Büchern zu tun hat. Wenn du also selbst über Bücher schreibst, dann erwähne irgendwo 'Bücher' und dein Post landet in der Buchbubble.
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  211. Keşfet Türkçe akışın Keşfet'i (Son 24 saatte yayınlanan Türkçe gönderileri, yanıtlar hariç görebilirsiniz.)
    loaded 679x scrolled 357x refreshed 291x
  212. #FCSP Hashtag #fcsp und andere Suchbegriffe aus Verein und Team. Ein Feed rund um den FC St. Pauli.
    loaded 3 215x scrolled 103x refreshed 1 739x
  213. Queer Corner A feed for queer nerds, music lovers, gaymers, artists and friends.
    loaded 2 553x scrolled 163x refreshed 351x
  214. DH An inclusive list of Digital Humanities folks, understood in the most expansive way possible, including textual studies, media studies, digital queer studies, digital critical race studies, gaming, creative coding, digital art and narrative, and more
    loaded 3 352x scrolled 82x refreshed 184x
  215. Lit/Cultural Studies Literary and Cultural Studies people: mention #lit to be included. Or just talk about novels, poems, books, articles, editions, and films.
    loaded 3 155x scrolled 100x refreshed 603x
  216. Board Games All mentions of board games across Bluesky!
    loaded 2 177x scrolled 196x refreshed 879x
  217. Mahjong! | 麻雀 🀄 This feed searches eng/jpn terms related to mahjong, with a focus on the riichi mahjong scene. Please see the pinned post for more details. Pin and Like if you feel like it's useful! このフィードは、リーチ麻雀を中心に、麻雀に関連するeng/jpn用語を検索します。詳しくはピンされた記事をご覧ください。役に立ちそうなら「ピン」や「いいね」を押してください!
    loaded 3 605x scrolled 48x refreshed 418x
  218. 🔞TFSky ✨ 🔞Feed for Transformation related art, stories, and discussion. Please 💗 and 📌the feed. Picks up 70+ transformation related phrases and tags. Use TFsky in your post or ALT Text to be sure to be included. If you would like to help improve the feed, or have feedback, tag
    loaded 1 361x scrolled 272x refreshed 448x
  219. 創作小説 下記のタグやキーワードを含むものを拾っています。 小説、創作小説、創作、オリジナル、一次創作、字書き、物書き、文章、執筆、文字、「読む」と「書く」の各種活用形 リプライと無引用のリポスト、「エロ小説」は拾いません。
    loaded 3 928x scrolled 15x refreshed 191x
  220. Overwatch Feed tracking mentions of Overwatch (the video game). Use "Overwatch" or "#overwatch", "Overwatch League", "OW2".
    loaded 3 488x scrolled 59x refreshed 426x
  221. Bagarrosphere 🇫🇷 Liste fabriquée par contenant les analystes, chercheurs, experts et personnes tournant autour des thèmes des armées, de la défense et du BITD Diffusion de manière chronologiques des posts sur les 24h dernières heures qui ont eu plus de 5♥️
    loaded 3 814x scrolled 26x refreshed 281x
  222. Geography (geosky) The geosky community for the interdisciplinary field of geography, geographical analyses & allied scholarship (e.g. environmental studies/science, geopolitics, etc.)! Feed hastags: #geosky, #geo or #geography Like❤️ & pin📌 the feed to see posts on your home feed! Created by:
    loaded 3 206x scrolled 85x refreshed 186x
  223. Kawaii Art Feed of kawaii art. Use #kawaiiart or #cuteart. Also pulls #art + cute, kawaii or chibi. Filters out AI/NFTs. Please Pin, Like and Share to help get the feed discovered!
    loaded 1 144x scrolled 291x refreshed 110x
  224. #ActuallyAutistic All posts within past 72 hours containing the #ActuallyAutistic and #AskingAutistics hashtags or the word autistic
    loaded 2 788x scrolled 126x refreshed 798x
  225. Aussie Feed A custom feed for Australia which picks up mentions of any Australian state/territory and their respective capitals from the past 24 hours.
    loaded 2 888x scrolled 112x refreshed 596x
  226. Pro Cycling A network wide feed of posts that are discussing pro cycling events, teams and athletes.
    loaded 2 241x scrolled 176x refreshed 325x
  227. Palestine A feed for all references to Palestine. 🇵🇸
    loaded 1 234x scrolled 275x refreshed 723x
  228. Warhammer + Hobby WIP collects all posts about miniature painting, warhammer or wargaming
    loaded 2 524x scrolled 145x refreshed 25 445x
  229. Toronto A feed of all mentions of Toronto, Canada.
    loaded 3 547x scrolled 40x refreshed 196x
  230. GaymerFeed A feed of all posts (No Replies or Reskeets) of gaymers and gay geeks 🎮🕹️ Tag @gaymingbear to get added to the list!
    loaded 1 570x scrolled 237x refreshed 272x
  231. Apex Legends A feed for Apex Legends in Bluesky. Use #ApexLegends to be included.
    loaded 3 889x scrolled 5x refreshed 461x
  232. فارسی فید ٢ این فید همه پستهای فارسی بر اساس تازگی نشون میده. اگه پستهاتون نشون داده نمیشه و یا دوست ندارید اینجا نشون داد باشه پیام بدید ( اکانت بالا) تا حلش کنم. اگه خوشتون اومد معرفی به دوستان و لایک بزرگترین حمایته. موفق و خوشحال باشید. 💙💙
    loaded 1 339x scrolled 260x refreshed 1 266x
  233. Queer Bookworms 🌈📚 A feed for queer bookworms! Include 🌈📚 in your post for it to show up here!
    loaded 2 862x scrolled 106x refreshed 331x
  234. Electronics Alpha v0.0.9 attempt at having an Electronics Feed for Bluesky. Poke if you have suggestions on what to add/remove. icon:
    loaded 3 264x scrolled 61x refreshed 212x
  235. 도시락 keywords: 도시락, お弁当,弁当 수제 도시락 피드. 도움되는 정보는 가끔씩 남겨두기도 합니다. (밀키트,only 샐러드와 닭가슴살 등은 제외됩니다)
    loaded 3 046x scrolled 69x refreshed 239x
  236. UK BlueSky This is a feed displaying posts by BlueSky users that are from the UK. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Due to the way BlueSky currently works, to be have your posts display in this feed, I need to manually to the UK BlueSky list.
    loaded 3 108x scrolled 61x refreshed 1 367x
  237. Artists <200 Image-only posts from artist accounts with less than 200 followers. MUST INCLUDE "art" in post text or alt text. Tag to be added to the list.
    loaded 3 005x scrolled 69x refreshed 451x
  238. What's Bikes A network-wide feed of posts that mention anything to do with bikes, cycling, strava, peloton or zwift.
    loaded 2 227x scrolled 142x refreshed 718x
  239. Hilfe-Center 📌 Hier erscheinen in unregelmäßigen Abständen Tipps und Tricks, um Dir Deinen Aufenthalt hier im Himmel angenehmer zu machen. Wenn ihr Fragen habt, dann stellt diese wie folgt: Frage an
    loaded 1 787x scrolled 185x refreshed 17x
  240. Tarabiscoté*e Hausfeed Hausfeed des Hauses Olivian Tarabiscoté*e, hier erscheinen alle Skeets der Mitglieder des Hauses. Du bist neu im Haus? Sag Hausmutter Olivian Bescheid, damit sie dich hinzufügt. 🪻🖤
    loaded 3 167x scrolled 44x refreshed 320x
  241. Doctor Who Feed Doctor Who feed catching discussions of Doctor Who, Weeping Angels, Cybermen, & Daleks. Tag to add more keywords for inclusion
    loaded 583x scrolled 299x refreshed 364x
  242. Lehrer:innen-Zimmer 👩‍🏫🏫👨‍🏫 ℹ️ Dieser 👩‍🏫🏫👨‍🏫 Feed zeigt alle Posts der letzten 7 Tage an, in denen die Worte twlz, bllz, BlueLz, Lehrerzimmer oder die HashTags #twlz, #bllz, #BlueLz, #Lehrerzimmer genutzt wurden.
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  243. Linguistics A feed for linguistics and language; ask to get added to list. Skeets with one of the following emoji digraphs will be included: 🧠💬 or 👐💬 or 🗣💬 or 🐦🐦 The rules are: No misinformation Credit photos Give context to links off site Use alt text Have fun!
    loaded 2 376x scrolled 115x refreshed 544x
  244. Stationery ✂ 文具に関するフィードを配信しています。
    loaded 2 812x scrolled 70x refreshed 579x
  245. Skeets About Chicago All skeets mentioning Chicago!
    loaded 2 914x scrolled 59x refreshed 420x
  246. Bara arts Feed for bara/gay adult art, it self sorts posts from a series of artist and any post with the words "bara" "gay" "hunk"
    loaded 789x scrolled 270x refreshed 112x
  247. 話題のフィード 今どんなフィードが話題なの? カスタムフィードのURLを含む日本語の投稿を拾います。(※カードだけのリンクは拾えません。)
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  248. Türkçe Anasayfa Turkish Timeline
    loaded 1 129x scrolled 234x refreshed 633x
  249. Nintendo A feed for everything Nintendo.
    loaded 2 243x scrolled 116x refreshed 223x
  250. StatsSky Statistics on BlueSky! Add #stats to your post for it to appear on this feed. Rules: No bigotry. No personal insults. Posts must be about statistics. Posts cannot have more than 8 hashtags.
    loaded 3 192x scrolled 21x refreshed 179x
  251. EnergySky Everything Energy on BlueSky. Use '🔌💡' or mention energysky to be included!
    loaded 2 351x scrolled 105x refreshed 1 172x
  252. Ukraine in English English-language feed about Ukraine and Ukraine war.
    loaded 1 894x scrolled 150x refreshed 282x
  253. ADHS/ADHD Posts Alle Posts, die ADHS und ADHD erwähnen.
    loaded 730x scrolled 264x refreshed 324x
  254. Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland A feed dedicated to the Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland region of Aotearoa New Zealand. Using any of the following will get your content included. #akl #auckland #jafa
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  255. Mandarin
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  256. philsky Feed for philosophy on Bluesky! Use #philsky to add your post to the feed. Any level of seriousness welcome!
    loaded 2 539x scrolled 77x refreshed 955x
  257. 🇺🇦 ️Ukraine Feed The BlueSky overview of everything about Ukraine now. Learn about the War and how the Ukrainians live. 🇺🇦 🇪🇺 🇩🇪 ️🇺🇸 ️🇬🇧 ️️
    loaded 1 658x scrolled 165x refreshed 199x
  258. CraftSky Posts about crafts - if your hobby isn't showing up, tag so I can add it to the search terms. craftsky|crochet|cross stitch|embroider|knitted|knitting|knitter|needlepoint|quilting|yarn|spindle|roving|perler|sewing|dressmak|bookbind|leatherwork|leathercraft|corsetry
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  259. Rubber Furs A feed of rubber furries! Posts with images and tagged with #rubberfur or #latexfur
    loaded 2 401x scrolled 83x refreshed 222x
  260. BlueskyCat Tota la xarxa catalana del cel blau. Visca!
    loaded 1 792x scrolled 143x refreshed 476x
  261. WIB Waktu Indonesia bagian Bluesky. Post and replies from Indonesian language. Posting-an akan muncul di feed beberapa menit setelah di-post.
    loaded 618x scrolled 260x refreshed 719x
  262. PuppyPlay🐕 Just use: puppyplay, pupplay, petplay, pupfetish, puppyfetish, gaypup, gaypuppy, humanpup, humanpuppy, gaypupplay, puppyplaykink, pupplaykink, humanpupplay, leatherpup, leatherpuppy, puppygear, pupgear, pupmask (Entire Network, last 7 days)
    loaded 1 535x scrolled 165x refreshed 340x
  263. Fiber Arts Put the joy of Fiber/Textile arts in your bsky feeds. :D If there's a craft we need to add, let me know. fiber arts|textile arts|textiles|knitting|spinning yarn|crochet|nalbinding|weaving|felting|bookbinding|yarn|dyeing|shibori|lace making|tatting|bobbin lace|kumihimo|macrame|embroidery
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  264. Hottest 24h Austria 🔥 Posts in/about Austria of the last 24 hours. Sorted by Hacker News Ranking
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  265. La Bacheca La Bacheca: il Bluesky Italiano
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  266. #ZeroBidLeague This is a feed for A10 sports although mostly basketball! Give it a follow if you want to hear about your favorite ZeroBidLeague. Atlantic 10, college basketball, NCAA
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  267. K-POP For KPOP lovers. A genre of popular Korean music that features catchy melodies, colorful visuals, and diverse influences.
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  268. PittsburghSkeets Quick start of a feed for all things Pittsburgh
    loaded 2 564x scrolled 40x refreshed 314x
  269. Vinyl Community Save, Pin to Home & Like if you are into vinyl. All about records, turntables and record stores. Share your hobby with the world and make some new friends. No hashtags required.
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  270. Journalisten (DACH) Deutschsprachige Journalistïnnen - wird kontinuierlich ergänzt
    loaded 2 603x scrolled 34x refreshed 323x
  271. Trans Mascs User Feed A feed of skeets (not replies) of trans masc folks of various types of Bluesky (genderqueer, enby, etc. welcome). Everyone is encouraged to like and follow, but to be added to the list, please message me. (I don't want to add people without permission in order to avoid outing them.)
    loaded 1 390x scrolled 152x refreshed 441x
  272. Art: Support Artists An aggregate feed of ways to support artists! Use #supportartists. Pulls from my Art: Stores, Commissions, Subscriptions, Crowdfunding and For Hire feeds. Filters out AI/NFTs.
    loaded 918x scrolled 199x refreshed 30x
  273. 一次創作。 一次創作・オリジナル勢のタグに反応します。一次創作勢つかってね。 「#オリジナル」「#一次創作」「#オリジナル漫画」「#オリジナルイラスト」
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  274. Crocheters in the Sky Feed for people who crochet. Just include a 🧶 emoji to get your post added to the feed!
    loaded 1 772x scrolled 112x refreshed 144x
  275. GameArt Use: GameArt Art and Illustrations, 3D, 2D, Pixelart, textures, procedurals, sculpts and other game related Art Included. No Midjourney/StableDiffusion Al/Spam
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  276. TwitterArg Feed para listar a la gente que vive/siente/sufre Argentina. Hice una lista, pidanme que los agregue!
    loaded 1 260x scrolled 161x refreshed 1 232x
  277. Yuri / 百合 / 백합 A feed for Yuri / 百合 / 백합 genre. To participate in the feed, tag your art and link posts with #yuri or #百合 or #백합 or #GL Please contact if you regularly post about the genre.
    loaded 1 260x scrolled 160x refreshed 346x
  278. Top 20 - Past 3 hours Top 20 posts in the past three hours Use #nofeed in your post if you want it to be excluded
    loaded 2 649x scrolled 21x refreshed 1 199x
  279. Jeu de rôle jdr, jeu de role en français
    loaded 2 533x scrolled 32x refreshed 175x
  280. ⚓️Narthex Anglicans/Episcopalians, those adjascent or sympathetic, WAT exiles, and more. Registered contributors can post to the feed using #Anglican #TEC #WAT ⚓📕or 🕯️ Contact @dljohnston.bsky.socail to be added. LGBTQIA+ affirming. No AI/NFT
    loaded 2 351x scrolled 47x refreshed 1 062x
  281. Minecraft Posts a feed for posts about minecraft. discuss or show off your builds here!
    loaded 357x scrolled 245x refreshed 82x
  282. Evolutionary Biology The Evolutionary Biology Feed shares posts related to evolutionary biology news and research. Currently monitors: #evosky #evolsky #evolution #evobio #evolbiol #phylo #popgen #ecoevo #evodevo #molevol #paleobio #systematics
    loaded 1 952x scrolled 85x refreshed 169x
  283. JewSky
    loaded 1 615x scrolled 118x refreshed 432x
  284. drone/death/black/doom 7 day feed with mentions of drone metal, death metal, black metal, and doom metal.
    loaded 982x scrolled 181x refreshed 429x
  285. Honkai: Star Rail Tracking "hsr", "honkai star rail", "houkai star rail", "star rail", "スターレイル", and "崩壊 スターレイル". Posts from up to 7 days ago. Includes replies and reposts. Works on hashtags too.
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  286. la PAIX Un fil regroupant les utilisateur·ices de Bsky, en mixité choisie.
    loaded 2 429x scrolled 33x refreshed 168x
  287. Manga and Anime artists! A feed dedicated to manga and anime style artists from all over the world, from small to big, everyohe has a place here. Abusive behavior of the feed or spam could get your user delisted indefinitely from the feed. Listed tags: #animeart #mangaart #animestyle #mangastyle
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  288. Too Fat Lardies games A feed for all players of 'Too Fat Lardies' wargames rules to showcase their games, models, and to discuss the rules.
    loaded 2 649x scrolled 10x refreshed 326x
  289. 『作品』の話 『二重カギカッコ』は、小説や映画などのタイトルを表記するときによく使われます。 『 のついた投稿を拾っています。案外みんな作品の話をしている。
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  290. medievalists a feed to capture work on the European Middle Ages and by medievalist scholars. use the word (or hashtag) "medievalsky"
    loaded 2 419x scrolled 32x refreshed 187x
  291. AI ART This feed find all skeets with one of the following hashtags: #StableDiffusion #aiART #kiART #MidJourney #dalle2 #SDXL #AIArtCommunity #AIArtwork
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  292. GLAMS Posts highlighting the awesome world of galleries, libraries, archives, museums, and special collections (GLAMS). Contact @vfo to be added to contributor list, and then use the scroll emoji (📜) to include a post in the feed. Please use alt text in images.
    loaded 1 981x scrolled 73x refreshed 186x
  293. 18+links(hot) Posts with adult links (sorted by hotness) Includes Onlyfans/OF, Fansly, Pornhub/PH, ManyVids/MV, LoyalFans, Clips4Sale/C4S, MyFreeCams/MFC, Chaturbate/CB, IWantClips/IWC, Stripchat, Fanvue, Slushy, Playboy, APClips, JustForFans/JFF, NiteFlirt/NF, SextPanther/SP for changes
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  294. Fat Cock Friday Pics Only FCF / FGF posts that contain pictures for... reasons
    loaded 1 749x scrolled 84x refreshed 149x
  295. Black VTubers A feed for finding fellow Black VTubers on Bluesky. Use the hashtags #BlackVTuber & #BlackVTubers to be featured in it.
    loaded 2 560x scrolled 0x refreshed 513x
  296. Street Photography Feed Filtering for street photography in the post, now removing text only posts that mention street photography.
    loaded 941x scrolled 161x refreshed 95x
  297. Metascience Picks up posts with metascience-related terms (e.g., "p-hacking"). Tag = #metasci Coverage = science | open science | philosophy of science | statistics | (If you like this feed, please 💓 it!)
    loaded 2 011x scrolled 53x refreshed 263x
  298. #고양이 고양이 피드입니다. 고양이|길냥이|고양시|고영|내새꾸|냥냥이|집사|냥모닝|턱시도|고먐미|고앵이|고앵|삵|닝겐|편냥이|보호소
    loaded 2 193x scrolled 33x refreshed 197x
  299. Bsky Goes Cosplay 🎭 open to any and all cosplayers, just use the word cosplay to join 🥰
    loaded 662x scrolled 180x refreshed 115x
  300. Philadelphia Eagles Feed for the Philadelphia Eagles Philly NFL team. Captures common keywords like player names. Use the emojis 🦅🏈, 🦅🦅, or use the hashtag #eagles to make sure your posts get into the feed. Go Birds
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  301. Kirjataivas Kirjataivas on suomenkielisten kirjataivastelujen virta. Saat oman viestisi näkymään täällä lisäämällä taivasteluusi kirjapino-emojin.
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  302. SCOTUS SCOTUS expert commentary - filtered SCOTUS-only posts (experimental) from this list of experts:
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  303. #Medizin Alles, was die Welt der Medizin bewegt. Icon by Delapouite ( under CC BY 3.0 license (
    loaded 1 947x scrolled 46x refreshed 185x
  304. The Weed Feed Cannabis, Ganja, Weed, Marijuana, 420, the sticky icky - whatever you call it if you're into funky smelling purple flowers you've come to the right place. Mention weed or cannabis or drop a 🌲 and make sure to attach and image to your post to be featured!
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  305. What's Hot FR Version francophone du feed "What's Hot Classic". ➡️ Dernier update : 25/09/2023
    loaded 2 199x scrolled 16x refreshed 276x
  306. Vroid Vtubers Support dedicated feed for vroid vtubers. this feed will show all posts (last 7 days) that contain " vroid, vroidtuber " words, make sure to add one of them in ur posts! lets support them! "feedpic copyright belong to NixieHime"
    loaded 2 349x scrolled 1x refreshed 524x
  307. 1.Liga 1. Bundesliga Content! Dieser Feed enthält alle deutschsprachigen Fußball Beiträge der letzten 7 Tage, welche mit den gängig(st)en Hashtags der Erstligisten versehen sind = Beste Fussball Unterhaltung :)
    loaded 2 091x scrolled 26x refreshed 201x
  308. D&D and Tabletop Gaming A feed for #DnD and #ttrpg hashtags. Use #ttfeed or #dndfeed to discuss adding new hashtags.
    loaded 984x scrolled 136x refreshed 144x
  309. Lecture FR Feed Francophone pour suivre les posts en français liés à la littérature et à la lecture ( Livre, BD, Comics, Manga, auteur, autrice, bibliothèque, librairie, french books ...). Si vous voulez faire apparaître vos posts dans le feed ajoutez #lectureFR
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  310. VRChat Collects active VRChat-related posts
    loaded 681x scrolled 164x refreshed 208x
  311. NSFW Chubs This feed collects NSFW images from various Chubs in the community. To be featured on the feed, follow I'll be happy to add your profiles to the feed. ❤️
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  312. Covid-19 DE 🤜🤛 Dieser Feed zeigt Posts der letzten 7 Tage an, in denen eines der nachfolgenden Worte vorkommt: Corona, Covid, Covid19, Covid-19, SARSCov2, SARS-CoV-2, Long-Covid, LongCovid, Post-Covid, PostCovid, MECFS, Biontech, Impfung. Wer DE als einzige Sprache ausgewählt hat, sieht nur deutschsprachige Posts.
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  313. Climate Crisis This feed surfaces the terms climate crisis, climate change, heatwave, flash flood and sea level rise. Think of this as a saved search for these terms. The feed is not moderated
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  314. 猫部-cat club- 猫部-cat club-のフィードです🐈🐈‍⬛ [猫部][猫][cat club][ねこ]
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  315. #UnJourUnePhoto Feed #UnJourUnePhoto, animé par
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  316. Blender Art Blender art feed. Essentially just looks for the word Blender for all your 3D modeling fun!
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  317. What's Hot Top trending content from the whole network
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  318. Everton Football Club Feed of Everton FC news and comments.
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  319. tree 모음 내 트리를 꾸며줘! 모음
    loaded 381x scrolled 183x refreshed 432x
  320. ✒️万年筆 For all fountain pen lovers
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  321. NewsDE Nachrichten Feed! Deuschsprachige News und Pressemitteilungen von Tagesschau, ZDF Heute, Zeit Online, Tagesspiegel und anderen Nachrichtenportalen gesammelt in einem Feed!
    loaded 1 583x scrolled 58x refreshed 585x
  322. 🦊Furry VR Welcome to the VR feed for enthusiasts! Explore SFW and NSFW content in one place. Join this unique experience and immerse yourself in a world of emotions. 🌌🔞📸 #VRC 🐾💫 #VRChat #FurryVR 🦊🐺💕 #ERP
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  323. Vtubers Find both new and old vtubers in this feed! All you need to do to have your post visible here is to include the word vtuber!
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  324. #AusNews Hashtag #ausnews and articles: ABC, The Guardian, The Age, SMH, Crikey, The Saturday Paper, The New Daily, WA Today, The Klaxon, SBS, The Shot, Pearls and Irritations, InQueensland, Independent Australia, The Monthly, Michael West, AFR and The Shovel No Murdoch run papers have been included.
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  325. music hashtags Feed sammelt #30Tage30Songs #MeinSongdesTages #klassiksamstag #SongDuell #WochenendOhrwuermer #NovemberNews #DecemberDecs #ContractionTracks
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  326. 絵 みんなが描いた絵
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  327. CriticalMass+VisionZero🚲 criticalmass, kidicalmass, bicibus, fahrradbus, verkehrswende, radentscheide, tempolimit, falschparken, visionzero
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  328. Godot 🤖 Anything and everything made in the Godot Engine!
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  329. Music Challenge Regroupe tous les "Music Challenge"
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  330. Feed of Feeds All custom feeds mentioned in posts
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  331. NatSecSky List of National Security, Counter Terrorism, Violent Extremism, foreign Interference l, Defense and Disinformation Researchers or Practitioners on BlueSky
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  332. Plush Artists Plush artists feed! Use the tag #PlushArt or #Plush in text, alt text, or reply to add your handmade plushies
    loaded 2 049x scrolled 0x refreshed 909x
  333. Gift Links/Gift Articles Gift links or Gift Articles - paywall bypassing links to major publications including: Economist New York Times Washington Post Nature journals Financial Times Wall Street Journal Bloomberg The Times (London) Talking Points Memo Like and pin this feed so you and others can find it easily.
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  334. Genshin Impact Community Feed for Genshin Impact posts, including the hashtag #GenshinImpact for discovery of Genshin Posts! - Limited to 7 Days backdated.
    loaded 428x scrolled 161x refreshed 150x
  335. EconFR Tentative de faire un fil sur la conversation EconFR Liste quelques contributrices et contributeurs réguliers et tous les messages tagués EconFR
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  336. # Trends Deutschland Die beliebtesten deutschsprachigen Postings der letzten 24 Stunden mit einem # Hashtag
    loaded 1 604x scrolled 42x refreshed 216x
  337. Star Trek
    loaded 1 078x scrolled 92x refreshed 2 483x
  338. Covid-19's News Covid-19's News
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  339. 24시간 하이라이트 지난 24시간 동안의 모든 한국어 포스트를 가장 좋아요가 많이 달린 순으로 정렬합니다.
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  340. しずかなインターネットアンテナ しづかなインターネットの投稿
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  341. HaliSky Feed for posts containing (NOT case sensitive): HaliSky #Halifax Halifax Dartmouth (case sensitive): HRM
    loaded 1 182x scrolled 78x refreshed 2 151x
  342. Corgisky Welcome to Corgisky, the feed for corgi pics! All image posts/replies, by most recent, with corgi(s) or corgisky in the post text or alt text.
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  343. 文鳥(•ө•) 文鳥は宇宙の至宝
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  344. The Spectrum Gang Autistic? ADHD? Combo platter? If your brain wiring is just a little unique and you feel a certain kinship with other neurodivergent folks, this thread is for you! Run by - add #ADHD or #Autistic for the feed to pick up your post! Name credit to
    loaded 1 565x scrolled 37x refreshed 201x
  345. #MedBubble ⚕️🏥 MediBubble ℹ️ Dieser #MediBubble ⚕️🏥 Feed zeigt alle Posts der letzten 7 Tage an, in denen das Wort MedBubble, MediBubble, MedBluesky, MediBluesky , Twankenhaus oder Blankenhaus ;-) genutzt wurde bzw. der jeweilige HashTag.
    loaded 1 416x scrolled 50x refreshed 169x
  346. woso! NWSL & USWNT (all) US-centered women's soccer feed. Find your woso community! Don't use just Thorns, Dash, Courage, etc. You will have to say Thorns FC, or Houston Dash, NC Courage, etc. or #kcbaby, #vamoswave. Case insensitive.
    loaded 1 439x scrolled 46x refreshed 1 089x
  347. 🌱 Veganbubble Ein deutschsprachiger Feed aus Posts mit dem Stichwort "vegan" ("govegan", "vegane" etc. funktioniert auch) von User:innen aus der Liste "Veganbubble". Um auf die Liste "Veganbubble" aufgenommen oder entfernt zu werden, meldet euch bei
    loaded 1 252x scrolled 64x refreshed 523x
  348. Veganer Rezeptfeed Dieser Feed ist für den Austausch veganer Rezepte im deutschsprachigen Bluesky. Damit dein Skeet mit Rezept im Feed auftaucht, schreib "veganrezept" als ein (1) Wort in den Skeet, dann funktioniert es wie ein Hashtag
    loaded 1 403x scrolled 48x refreshed 358x
  349. Theobubble Menschen mit (christlich-?) religiösem Hintergrund unabhängig vom theologischen Bildungsstand. Wer auf die Liste möchte, kann sich gerne melden. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von #Theobubble #digitaleKirche
    loaded 1 549x scrolled 31x refreshed 253x
  350. Blueskyの話題 「Bluesky」「ブルースカイ」「青空」「ブルスコ」「ブルスカ」等を含む日本語の投稿を拾うフィードです。
    loaded 378x scrolled 148x refreshed 304x
  351. Photo Commons 📷 ブルスコ写真部のカスタムフィード版です。
    loaded 1 667x scrolled 19x refreshed 219x
  352. 買わなきゃよかった23 買ってよかったがあるならこれも。今年買わなきゃよかったもの、買って失敗したもの、人にはお勧め出来ないものを「買わなきゃよかった23」「買わなきゃ良かった23」をつけてpostしてください!
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  353. Israel-Palestine Related A feed for bringing attention on Israel-Palestine conflict. (Work In Progress)
    loaded 957x scrolled 88x refreshed 192x
  354. Deep-sea Mining Compiling skeets using the hashtag #DeepSeaMining and industry related English-language keywords.
    loaded 1 147x scrolled 69x refreshed 265x
  355. Illustration & Concept A curated list of illustrators, graphic novel/comics/BD and concept artists. Random sorting with some weight to favour new posts,
    loaded 787x scrolled 104x refreshed 131x
  356. Footsky🦶 The hub for feet, paws, toes, soles, hooves, talons, piggies, you name it! Welcome to FOOTSKY!
    loaded 363x scrolled 146x refreshed 336x
  357. #History A general history feed pulling in #history and all posts from select Bsky historians. Don't forget to 📌 and ❤️️!
    loaded 1 079x scrolled 74x refreshed 270x
  358. Bluesky Education Peeps A feed for all things PK-16 education. Includes professors of education, K-12 educators, and people who study education.
    loaded 1 664x scrolled 15x refreshed 354x
  359. Metalheads A feed for those metlaheads around here. World feed, no language filter. \m/ Last update : 04/09/2023
    loaded 575x scrolled 122x refreshed 25 170x
  360. Genomics/Bioinformatics Looks for both 🖥️and 🧬in the post. art from:
    loaded 1 428x scrolled 36x refreshed 210x
  361. 映画JP 映画の話題を雑に検索するフィードです
    loaded 688x scrolled 110x refreshed 1 013x
  362. インク沼 関連キーワード「#インク沼 | #インクトーバー | #inktober | #インクベントカレンダー | #inkventcalendar | インク沼 | 万年筆インク | インクトーバー | インクベントカレンダー」を含む日本語Post、及びAlt Textを中心に自動で拾います。 ※2023/09/27現在、ハッシュタグのAPI実装に伴い、一部クライアントにてタグ化して投稿されたタグは、SkyFeedでは拾うことができません。 そのため、回避策としては公式クライアントから投稿するか、該当クライアントからは「#」を含まないワードも含ませる必要があります。
    loaded 1 764x scrolled 2x refreshed 395x
  363. Film Photo Film photography feed. Posts with #FilmPhotography, #BelieveInFilm, or #FilmIsNotDead are included. Also other film related terms.
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  364. Newsjunkies AT FEED = WORK IN PROGRESS Ideen zu Ergänzungen oder Entfernungen bitte an: Was es so aus diversen österreichischen Medien auf bsky schafft.
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  365. #식물계 식물 피드입니다.
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  366. energiehimmel Deutschsprachiger Feed mit Diskussionen rund um Energiewende und Energie- sowie Klimapolitik. Formerly known as #energietwitter (Feed ist in Aufbau.)
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  367. Zoosky! 🦇 Posts from a list of zoos and aquariums on Bluesky! Shows only posts from the past 7 days.
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  368. PDX Local city feed for Portland, OR.
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  369. WeedMob Der Weedmob ist eine bunte Online-Gemeinschaft, die sich für die Legalisierung, Aufklärung und Entstigmatisierung von Cannabis sowie eine progressive Drogenpolitik einsetzt. Hier findest du alle Skeets, die folgende Keywords beinhalten (müssen): #weedmob #cannabis
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  370. SWOC Images Only SkyHub's SWOC Feed with images only! Tag us to be added <3
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  371. Israel-Palestine War Feed of trending posts featuring keywords related to the Israel-Palestine War including Israel, Hamas, Palestine, Gaza, etc. Please seek out reliable sources for confirmed news.
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  372. Jeux de société FR Feed des publications Jeux de société francophones. j2s - jds - #j2s (illustration Pexels / DS stories)
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  373. kinky baddies A feed for kinky baddies just use #kink, kink, bdsm or kinky to have your pic be in the feed
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  374. Strictly Come Dancing This is a feed for people watching Strictly Come Dancing to chat about the show. Keywords are Strictly💃, #strictly, #scd and #strictlycomedancing.
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  375. Games News Video games news sites & journalists. Please (at) me to be added.
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  376. 📽️💯 A ranked feed of the top 100 film & movies posts from the original 📽️ feed in the last 24 hours. It's the same filmsky content you've come to love — movie news & reviews, trailers, Letterboxd chatter, etc — but just the tl;dr version. If that's what you're looking for please give this feed a ❤️
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  377. Fortnite This is a feed for fortnite users on bsky
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  378. #bluelz #bluelz custom feed
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  379. 🌱 Veganbubble+ Ein deutschsprachiger Feed aus Posts und Antworen mit dem Stichwort "vegan" ("govegan", "vegane" etc. funktioniert auch) von User:innen aus der Liste "Veganbubble". Um auf die Liste "Veganbubble" aufgenommen oder entfernt zu werden, meldet euch bei
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  380. Software development Various aspects of coding - languages, version control, CI/CD, infrastructure etc.
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  381. Socialist Friends ✊✊ Socialist Solidarity Let's gather to create a better world
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  382. ME/CFS
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  383. The Archers Feed to show posts about BBC Radio 4's "The Archers". This shows posts containing "TheArchers" or "#TheArchers" in the last 7 days. I haven't included "The Archers" as that brought in too much irrelevant stuff. First attempt - let me know of any issues!
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  384. Skybrarians (firehose) libraries and library-adjacent (you didn't think you could escape, former librarian, did you?) Image from:
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  385. AEW BlueSky feed for All Elite Wrestling/AEW.
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  386. Health Policy Sky To have tweets feature in this feed, include #healthpolicy or 🩺📊 (smushed together) in your post. Emoji can be reversed (📊🩺) and 🩺💸 will also work.
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  387. MilSky GER Feed for MilSky Germany (former MilTwitter). Everything Bundeswehr and military bubble Germany on Bluesky. Hints welcome who should be added! List by Paul C. Strobel
    loaded 1 005x scrolled 53x refreshed 296x
  388. Lecture SFFF Pour suivre les posts en français sur les littératures de l'imaginaire #livre #SFFF #science-fiction #Fantasy #Fantastique #Littérature #lecture #ecriture #french #book #books Si vous voulez faire apparaître vos skeets dans le feed ajoutez #lectureSFFF
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  389. 海外文学 海外文学関連の投稿を取りまとめてみたフィードです 作家名、翻訳家名。「海外文学」「海外小説」「翻訳小説」「〇〇文学(カタカナ)」。 作家名は、ナボコフ|バロウズ|マコーマック|タブッキ|ソローキン|ミルハウザー|カルヴィーノ|ガルシア=マルケス|スタニスワフ・レム等
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  390. Brasil 7 Posts em português dos últimos sete dias. Do mais novo para o mais velho.
    loaded 725x scrolled 73x refreshed 265x
  391. Good Omens! All mentions of Good Omens and characters.
    loaded 691x scrolled 76x refreshed 361x
  392. MilSky List of service members, veterans, and civilians that think and write on military issues.
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  393. Actualités FR Les dernières actualités françaises généralistes partagées sur Bluesky.
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  394. Jede Woche ein Foto Testfeed für das Fotoprojekt von
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  395. SGE Eintracht Frankfurt Content! Alle Beiträge der letzten 7 Tage mit Hashtags und Schlagworten rund um die Frankfurter Eintracht in einem Feed! #sge (inkl. Spieltagshashtags der Bundesliga Saison)
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  396. OFMD Our Flag Means Death feed :) mention "OFMD", "our flag means death", or "ourflagmeansdeath" to be included in this feed
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  397. #LesFatalsPicsart Tous nos photomontages plus ou moins foireux réalisés sur PicsArt (sur une idée de
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  398. Boston Skeets where Boston is mentioned.
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  399. Gay Gainers & Chubs A feed for gay dude/dude-adjace gainers, chubs, superchubs, megachubs, and the guys who love em.
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  400. Week Peak Feed Most popular posts from the last 7 days
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  401. Lewd Fursuits: Murrsuits Turn on the AC, you're gonna need it To appear on this feed: photo posts containing either 'murrsuit,' '#murrsuit,' or 'fursuit + nsfw'
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  402. 🎼Musataivas Musataivaaseen saat asiasi näkymään kirjoittamalla postaukseesi joko musataivas, musasky tai musiikkitaivas. Tervetuloa feediin.
    loaded 1 104x scrolled 17x refreshed 3 586x
  403. Cannabis DE Deutsche Posts (inkl. Antworten) rund um das Thema Cannabis im weitesten Sinne. Sortierung chronologisch (neuste zuerst) Suchbegriffe z.B.: Weedmob, Hanf, Cannabis, Legalisierung, Entkriminalisierung, Prohibition, CSC, 420, THC, CBD, Joint, Vaporizer, Edibles, LegalizeIt, 🥦, Haschisch, Kiffen usw.
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  404. Politiikka Pelkkää politiikkaa! Fiidissä vain ketjujen aloituspostaukset, kielivalinta "Finnish".
    loaded 891x scrolled 35x refreshed 409x
  405. UglyDogsPart II Feed for #UglyDogs that's more broad. Tag your post with #UglyDogs UglyDogs or 🛷. This is NOT case-sensitive. Let me know if anything should be added.
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  406. Austrosky Österreichische Bubble auf Bluesky. Formerly known as Austrotwitter.
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  407. UFOsky Collects the most recent posts about UFOs, UAPs, and non-human intelligences.
    loaded 538x scrolled 69x refreshed 166x
  408. Friendly Fire Friendly Fire Charity-Livestream (GER)
    loaded 1 056x scrolled 17x refreshed 759x
  409. Beginner Bluesky 初心者のための設定紹介。
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  410. Truck
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  411. humour Fr humour francophone, memes et shitpost
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  412. 創作(小説作者特化) 日本創作小説作者の声に特化したフィードです。 小説投稿サイトのURLがリンクされている場合も拾います。 創作漫画、二次創作系は除外。 イラストは特に制限せず。 現在の処、エロやBL等の特定ジャンル制限は行ってません。 極力タグを必要としない検索を目指しています。 リンク先検索 なろう、カクヨム、ノベルアップ、ピクシブノベル、アルファポリス、エブリスタ
    loaded 730x scrolled 47x refreshed 890x
  413. Writing Prompts A feed for writing and other creative prompts. Pulls in posts from a variety of prompt challenges including vss365, whistpr, mpotd, and other vss
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  414. #Arsenal on BlueSky #Arsenal FC content from the entire network
    loaded 760x scrolled 43x refreshed 325x
  415. 하늘뜨개방 블루스카이 뜨개질 피드
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  416. Skeetstar DE Die populärsten deutschsprachigen Skeets der letzten 24 Stunden. Sortiert nach Like-Count. "German Favstar"
    loaded 678x scrolled 51x refreshed 377x
  417. The Opera Feed! A feed for opera lovers - fans, artists, newcomers, all are welcome and a variety of composers, operas and performers historical and contemporary are included as keywords. Too many regex terms to list here, but posts with the word opera will show up
    loaded 547x scrolled 64x refreshed 340x
  418. BrasilSky Tenha apenas os posts feitos nas últimas 24 horas, com a linguagem em português, no seu feed.
    loaded 504x scrolled 68x refreshed 143x
  419. #IchBinHanna Seit dem 10. Juni 2021 gibt es die Initiative #IchBinHanna zu prekärer Arbeit in der Wissenschaft, initiiert von Amrei Bahr, Kristin Eichhorn und Sebastian Kubon. Feed folgt dem Hashtag #IchBinHanna.
    loaded 926x scrolled 24x refreshed 264x
  420. Sapphic Books & WLW Includes keywords sapphic/lesbian/WLW + book/ novel/fiction/romance/mystery/fantasy/thriller/science fiction. As well as: lesfic, sapphfic, Sapphic September, Sapphic Book Bingo, IHS Reading Challenge.
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  421. #VeilleESR Feed de veille sur l'Enseignement Supérieur et la Recherche.
    loaded 909x scrolled 23x refreshed 265x
  422. s&gess s&gess (formerly called UnSHITTABLEs) is a closed feed. You're probably not the intended audience.
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  423. Tottenham #COYS feed Feed for Tottenham, collects skeets using #coys hashtag, spurs, tottenham, or hotspur
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  424. 📖 Блускай читацький Пости зі згадками та рекомендаціями книг Алгоритм розпізнає по ключових словах, або можна емоджі 📖 в постах, або пости від видавництв. 🧐 Якщо стрічка пуста – включіть українську мову в Settings → Content languages.
    loaded 625x scrolled 46x refreshed 628x
  425. 🇫🇷 Anime & Manga 🔥 Ce feed est fondé sur Anime & Manga FR. La différence est que celui-ci est trié algorithmiquement suivant le Ranking de Hacker News. Il sacrifie la fraicheur pour mettre en avant l’importance des posts.
    loaded 1 074x scrolled 1x refreshed 225x
  426. #ExWaldi #ExWaldi Feed. Ehemalige Waldorfschüle*innen betrachten kritisch das antroposophische Weltbild.
    loaded 924x scrolled 16x refreshed 341x
  427. The Mirari A feed of posts from the past week related to Magic: The Gathering.
    loaded 651x scrolled 42x refreshed 172x
  428. Japanese news feed 日本語設定のポストで以下のような記事リンクを含むポストを抽出。 新聞(朝日、日経、毎日、読売、京都)、NHK、海外報道(NYT、ワシントンポスト、CNN)、官邸(US/UK/JP)、米国務省
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  429. Hertha BSC Hertha BSC Gruppe - Aus Berlin, Für Berlin - #gemeinsamhertha #HaHoHe #HerthaBSC
    loaded 507x scrolled 56x refreshed 378x
  430. TATORT Den Feed gerne anpinnen. Ich freue mich über ein Herzchen, wenn ihr den Feed als nützlich betrachtet, dann kann ich versuchen zu verfeinern. Plan ist, später auch den "Polizeiruf110" zu integrieren.
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  431. MicroSky A home for microbiology and microbiologists in the sky. Signup here: Tag posts with #MicroSky (case insensitive) or 🦠 or 🧫 and enjoy!
    loaded 747x scrolled 31x refreshed 208x
  432. SkyKita Alles rund um Kita, Krippe und Co. Reagiert auf twkita, twitterkita, skykita, bluekita, Erzieher (mit und ohne #)
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  433. Cinefagos (Ñ) Feed para amantes del cine+series sin reservas. Noticias, Opiniones, Fotos, Festivales, Criticas, Trailers Dale al like para vernos todos en un mismo sitio
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  434. #MilSky Feed zu militärischen Themen, Bundeswehr, NATO, Sicherheitspolitik, usw.
    loaded 714x scrolled 31x refreshed 217x
  435. ชุมชนนักวาด 🇹🇭 ยินดีต้อนรับนักวาดทุกๆท่านเลยนะคะ โพสงานอย่าลืมติด #สายผลิต , #ชุมชนนักวาด , #มาอวดโฮมุ้ เพื่อที่จะให้งานขึ้นหน้าฟีดด้วยคับ เราดึงคำว่า 🎨🖍️ (อีโมจิสองอันติดกัน) แบบไม่ติด # ไว้ด้วย แค่พิมพ์ในโพสก็ขึ้นฟีดได้โดยที่ไม่ต้องติด # ที่กล่าวไว้ข้างบนค่า
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  436. Game Studies Feed on game studies and video game research. Use #gamestudies for posts to show up
    loaded 950x scrolled 7x refreshed 309x
  437. Cinema📽️ 映画に関する情報を配信します。
    loaded 333x scrolled 68x refreshed 606x
  438. #pluralsky use the tag for a single post. like the feed to add all your posts
    loaded 751x scrolled 26x refreshed 247x
  439. #Physics ⚛️ Posts tagged with #Physics Members of What's Science can add to feed using ⚛️
    loaded 601x scrolled 40x refreshed 196x
  440. Sarjakuvat Suomenkielinen sarjakuvakeskustelu. Poimii sanoilla sarjakuva, sarjis ja 🗯️-emoji
    loaded 956x scrolled 4x refreshed 3 372x
  441. Amateur / Ham Radio Amateur radio / ham radio related posts Feel free to send me suggestions, heads up on false positives, etc. AmateurRadio #AmateurRadio HamRadio #HamRadio
    loaded 503x scrolled 48x refreshed 337x
  442. MLS Posts about MLS and MLS clubs.
    loaded 698x scrolled 28x refreshed 190x
  443. ぷゆ🥺 ぷゆ🥺等含まれたpostsを表示する農園民用feedです。
    loaded 556x scrolled 41x refreshed 458x
  444. Deutsche Politik Politik-Feed, deutschsprachig Posts verifizierter Politiker*innen, Parteien, Ministerien, sowie populäre Inhalte zu politischen Themen. Tags: Bundestag, MdB, SPD, CDU, Die Grünen, Die Linke, FDP, AfD und weitere. Language: German
    loaded 511x scrolled 45x refreshed 366x
  445. Weird Car Twitter Content tagged with with: #weirdcartwitter #weirdcar #weirdcars #weirdcarbs
    loaded 667x scrolled 29x refreshed 327x
  446. Schweiz News Schweizer Journalist*innen und Medien
    loaded 464x scrolled 49x refreshed 194x
  447. Crochet and Knitting 🧶 Feed for crochet, knitting and nalbinding. Picks up 🧶and either the term, "crochet" or "knitting " or both. Details in pinned post. WIP.
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  448. lofi to reply girl to people i wanna reply to
    loaded 680x scrolled 26x refreshed 249x
  449. Paizo Feed A feed for everything Paizo related!
    loaded 579x scrolled 35x refreshed 483x
  450. 🦬 BEL Cluster A feed of all posts from authors in the Belarusian language cluster. Via SkyFeed
    loaded 473x scrolled 45x refreshed 545x
  451. Veganer Feed Ein deutschsprachiger Feed mit Skeets veganen Inhalts
    loaded 519x scrolled 40x refreshed 195x
  452. Hack the planet Feed of cybersecurity / hacking related posts. Spammy accounts will be added to a mute list and excluded.
    loaded 363x scrolled 55x refreshed 4 560x
  453. #pyöräilytaivas 🚲 Pyöräilyn oma taivasfeedi. Tarttuu postauksiin, joista löytyy #pyöräilytwitter, #pyöräilytaivas tai #pyöräily tagi tai *suomenkielisiin* postauksiin, joissa esiintyy 🚲-emojii! Kehitysehdotuksia? Laita viestä!
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  454. VtM WtA WoD Etc. Quick feed for VtM (vampire) keywords Vamily, WoD, clanbooks, many clan names...
    loaded 371x scrolled 53x refreshed 418x
  455. TCMParty It's #TCMParty on BlueSky! Tag your posts and add this feed to your account. Pulls both #TCMParty and #NoirAlley hashtags.
    loaded 771x scrolled 10x refreshed 10 941x
  456. Nur der BVB 🖤💛 This is my first feed. All Members of the list "BVB-Timeline 🖤💛 - NOT Muted!!" will be reflected if they skeet about "BVB". Feel free to follow this feed, pin it to your app and leave a 💛 if you like it.
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  457. 지름의 전당 오늘, 다들 어떤 것들을 구매하고 있을까요?
    loaded 611x scrolled 24x refreshed 222x
  458. Funny Skeets Many beautiful and hilarious people to follow jokes | comedy | laughs | fun | comic | humor comedy again | best skeets | xxx | joke twitter ok not really xxx | I was just running out of tags yeets | puns | gags | memes | entertainment
    loaded 209x scrolled 64x refreshed 148x
  459. Tolkien Anything Tolkien from the last three days. Moderated by Ask me for a list of key words.
    loaded 418x scrolled 43x refreshed 209x
  460. PlayStation Are you ready for a conversation about PlayStation games? Join the conversation here. Follow the feed & press 💙
    loaded 267x scrolled 58x refreshed 147x
  461. Bonn ein Feed für Bonn: Alle Posts die das Wort "Bonn" enthalten
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  462. Too Much Bama In 'Em Mostly University of Alabama football, with random Bama talk thrown in. Use Bama, #bama, or 🐘🏈 in post to be included RTR y'all.
    loaded 513x scrolled 33x refreshed 611x
  463. #iTeachPhysics 🎢 For teachers of physics. Originally a bi-weekly professional development Twitter chat for physics teachers moderated by @BlackPhysicists EduSky and What's Science can post with 🎢
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  464. Top 23 of 23 #Top23of23|#top23of23|Top 23 of 23|Top23of23
    loaded 219x scrolled 61x refreshed 194x
  465. Tarotsky Welcome to tarotsky, sister feed to witchsky - (lets keep it anti-fascist) Use #tarotsky or #tarot for your post to be added!
    loaded 650x scrolled 17x refreshed 281x
  466. Películas y series 📽️
    loaded 577x scrolled 24x refreshed 219x
  467. Eishockey Das deutschsprachige Eishockey in einem Feed.
    loaded 616x scrolled 20x refreshed 546x
  468. #kleineKunstklasse #kleineKunstklasse
    loaded 431x scrolled 38x refreshed 256x
  469. SVW Werder Bremen Content! Alle Beiträge der letzten 7 Tage mit Hashtags und Schlagworten rund um den SV Werder Bremen in einem Feed! #werder #svw #werdergeil (inkl. Spieltagshashtags der Bundesliga Saison)
    loaded 617x scrolled 19x refreshed 209x
  470. Oberösterreich Alles aus oberösterreichs Gemeinden und was sons in OÖ passiert.
    loaded 546x scrolled 26x refreshed 796x
  471. münster allgm Münster feed zeigt posts mit münster - mit und ohne #. Auch posts mit muenster.
    loaded 793x scrolled 1x refreshed 318x
  472. BundiSky Alles um Bundeswehr, Militär und Sicherheitspolitik im deutschsprachigen Raum. Liste erstellt von
    loaded 340x scrolled 46x refreshed 462x
  473. #WirSindBunt - LGBTQIA* Zeigt LGBTQIA*-Posts mit den Worten: wirsindbunt, buntstattbraun, transsexu, queer, transright, transisbeautiful, schwul, gay, lesbi, lgbt, binär, binary, fluid, transwomen, transmen, bisexu, intersexu, asexu, transident, selbstbestimmungsgesetz, dragq, dragk, marginalis, transition, uvm. V 2.4
    loaded 510x scrolled 29x refreshed 237x
  474. Genderqueer Topic Feed This feed picks up any skeets (not replies) containing the following keywords in body or alt text: genderqueer, genderfluid, genderfuck, nonbinary, nonb-binary, enby, androgyn*, neutrois, and Mx. (Please feel free to suggest additional trans terms that should be included.)
    loaded 540x scrolled 26x refreshed 257x
  475. Taskmaster (the show) Chat about Taskmaster the television program. For the Marvel Comics character, follow
    loaded 500x scrolled 29x refreshed 1 016x
  476. #WSMDS Neue Staffel ab 05.11.23, 20:15 Uhr auf Pro7
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  477. COMITIA コミティアに関連するツイートを表示します。
    loaded 286x scrolled 48x refreshed 204x
  478. Brettspiel Alles rund um Brettspiele
    loaded 416x scrolled 35x refreshed 286x
  479. Guitars
    loaded 212x scrolled 54x refreshed 295x
  480. #FearOfMu21c Feed for #FearOfMu21c
    loaded 670x scrolled 7x refreshed 787x
  481. Chelsea FC The definitive Chelsea FC feed. Posts containing the team/player names or #CFC, #CFCW, #KTBFFH appear in the feed.
    loaded 629x scrolled 11x refreshed 585x
  482. #블친소 #으로 시작하고 '친소'로 끝나는 단어가 포함된 포스트를 모아볼 수 있습니다.
    loaded 486x scrolled 24x refreshed 209x
  483. 📓手帳 手帳|手帖|スケジュール帳|バレットジャーナル|トラベラーズノート|planner|bullet journal|bujo 上記の単語を含む画像ありポストをひろいます
    loaded 285x scrolled 43x refreshed 279x
  484. Krakoa Krakoa/X-Feed for X-Men and Mutant posting. Created by WIP. XMEN X MEN COMICS #XMEN
    loaded 397x scrolled 30x refreshed 200x
  485. The Owl House Posts related to THE OWL HOUSE in the past 7 days. - Looks for related words or hashtags (mainly "owl house" and "#toh" + ships) and adds a selection of reposts by - NSFW might slip in. Check your Moderation settings. - Disable your language filter to see all content.
    loaded 314x scrolled 38x refreshed 11 400x
  486. Detroit Red Wings A feed dedicated to posts about the Detroit Red Wings, including notable former hockey players and prospects. #LGRW
    loaded 413x scrolled 28x refreshed 306x
  487. Los Angeles A feed for all things Los Angeles. Mention Los Angeles, LA, the Valley, or LAsky, or add the tag #losangeles, #thevalley, or #LAsky, and your post will (hopefully) appear here.
    loaded 593x scrolled 10x refreshed 241x
  488. Go Blue Chatter about Michigan sports. For now, #GoBlue and "go blue" show up here, along with folks in my "michigan sports skeeters" list. Maintained by LMK if I should add users to my list.
    loaded 240x scrolled 45x refreshed 214x
  489. Aviation A quick and dirty Aviation, AvGeek, and PaxEx feed. Include any one of those terms in your post for it to be picked up.
    loaded 280x scrolled 39x refreshed 208x
  490. ₿sky The Bitcoin Skyline – Mention bitcoin, ₿, or btc in your post or alt text to be included. Bitcoin only, no NFTs, web3, or crypto.
    loaded 266x scrolled 40x refreshed 418x
  491. Overtake! Custom feed for the Overtake! anime. Post using Overtake! (with exclamation point), #overtake or #overtake_anime to appear here.
    loaded 642x scrolled 2x refreshed 208x
  492. Bubbling up What's been doing numbers in the past three hours
    loaded 423x scrolled 22x refreshed 195x
  493. 1.FC Kaiserslautern der Betze Feed hier sind alle Posts drin wo der #betze drin vorkommt
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  494. KidLit Community KidLit authors, illustrators, educators, librarians, and publishing professionals (NOT a mute list -DO NOT SUBSCRIBE)
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  495. Grüne MdB Feed mit Postings von Abgeordneten der Fraktion Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen im Deutschen Bundestag. Quellliste des Feeds: Die Quellliste berücksichtigt verifizierte MdB-Konten:
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  496. #LernenmitKI der Feed sammelt alles zum Thema KI in der Schule #LernenmitKI
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  497. 本好き 本に関する投稿をまとめたフィードです。 文学、文庫、本棚、新刊、小説、読了、kindleなど
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  498. Doodleish sketchbook club run by Chris Mould and Jenni Spangler. Sharing prompts and doodles. Everyone welcome - whether you're a professional artist or you haven't picked up a pen in years
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  499. UK Wildlife Photos 🇬🇧 📷 UK wildlife photos - British wildlife photography Should be mostly British nature photography - mammals, birds, reptiles, fishes, invertebrates, insects... Use hashtag #UKwildlife to post to the feed.
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  500. ツイステ ツイステ専用feedです。 **キーワード** ツイステ/twst/ツイステッドワンダーランド/#twistedwonderland/#TwistedWonderland/#ツイステ好きさんと繋がりたい/#twst好きさんと繋がりたい/#twstプラス/#twstファンアート|#ツイステぬい撮り部
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  501. Painting Warhammer Folks painting Warhammer miniatures!
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  502. Trending Deutsch
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  503. 読了 誰かが読み終えたものを集めたフィードです。
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  504. UK Birding A feed for all things birds and birding and ornithology in the UK and Ireland - link posts using #ukbirding, #IREbirding, #vismig or #nocmig (now also collecting #ornithology)
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  505. Ru: Актуальное Алгоритмическая лента постов на русском языке. Gravity-time модель отображает только самые актуальные посты за последние сутки.
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  506. #eduBW Feed für Content zu Bildung in Baden-Württemberg Sammelt ▶️#eduBW ▶️#BWedu
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  507. Das perfekte Dinner Deutscher Feed zu "Das perfekte Dinner" auf Vox Hashtag #dasperfektedinner
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  508. Digimon A feed for all things #Digimon related!
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  509. Techeiles 🕎🧵✡️ Users migrated from frum/Jewish Twitter
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  510. Arachnophiles Pictures of spiders and other arachnids. If you're afraid or don't like them, no need to let us know!
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  511. VTuber Music Feed for VTuber music discussion, releases, karaoke, etc. If it's about VTuber music feel free to tag it with #vtubermusic, #vsinger, or #youtaite
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  512. ชุมชนยูเมะ (canon x oc) แหล่งรวมชาวสายฝัน (canon x oc) มาตามหาเพื่อนได้ที่นี่นะคะ! Hashtag: #ชุมชนยูเมะ #ชุมชนสายฝัน keywords: ชุมชนยูเมะ, ชุมชนสายฝัน, ยูเมะ, สายยูเมะ, สายฝัน, ยูเมะโจชิ, ยูเมะดันชิ
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  513. New Zealand Politics Posts on Bluesky published in English tagged with #nzpol.
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  514. The Locked Tomb I love a little gall on gall.
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  515. T'A PERCE MONOMARCHOS ! (Créé par
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  516. The Youtaite Community A feed meant for showing content from members of the Youtaite community. Use the tag #Youtaite to have your posts appear in here.
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  517. Top NL Likes Nederlandse posts met minimaal 20 likes in de laatste 7 dagen.
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  518. Kuro's Custom NSFW Feed a personal NSFW feed for myself ( includes tags "nsfwart, furry, furryart, nsfwfurry, commsopen, commissionsopen", and filters posts that have 20 or more likes.
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  519. Feed
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  520. Oceanography&Fisheries A feed of oceanography and fisheries-related posts that you can follow with #Oceanography&Fisheries. Use #oceanography or #fisheries in your posts.
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  521. 🌱 Veganstarter Ein deutschsprachiger Feed aus Posts mit dem Stichwort "veganstarter" oder dem Hashtag "#veganstarter". Dieser Feed ist für vegan-Anfänger:innen gedacht, um sich untereinander und mit Veganer:innen auf respektvoller Ebene auszutauschen.
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  522. Stade Rennais FC Feed non officiel pour les supporters du Stade Rennais Football Club. Pour toute demande, voir avec .
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  523. #IchBinArmutsbetroffen Solidarische Bewegung #IchBinArmutsbetroffen
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  524. 😎 PV-Buddies Erneuerbare Hier geht es primär um Konzentrierte Informationen durch Feed-Filtertechnik, Themen sind ua. Erneuerbare Energie, Klimawende, Solar, PV, etc. Keywords sind : solaranlage|photovoltaik|erneuerbare|balkonsolar|sonnenenergie|windenergie|kWp für ein Like und Bookmark Bedanke ich mich schonmal ;-D
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  525. Еліта Центр +
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  526. 手芸🧵🧶🪡 手芸いろいろ
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  527. LACU LA Comedy Underground (The Blue Sky edition) Posts only, no replies or reposts, from people on the list-- tag to be added.
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  528. MGoBluesky Michigan and Michigan-adjacent college sports. Very much a work in progress. Not just MGoPosts, but hopefully posts of interest to MGoPosters. Tag with suggested additions/removals. Go Blue. As of 2023-08-23 includes MGoList ( members plus some regex.
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  529. Philadelphia 76ers Philly NBA team. Captures common keywords like player names. Use #76ers or #sixers to make sure your posts get into the feed.
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  530. Elternbubble #Elternbubble
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  531. CellBio2023 ASCB/EMBO Cell Biology 2023 Conference posts and news. #cellbio2023 #CellBio23
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  532. Women's Hockey Feed following women's hockey keywords
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  533. knitting knitters and their knittings
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  534. 🎲✂️ Board Game Design - play nice and don't get dirty (interactions, not content) - Please use alt text - ask to add you to the list - I'll like your post when I add you. Ask again if I don't within 48h - once added, use "🎲 ✂️" in your board game posts
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  535. NUFC Improved NUFC/Newcastle United Football Club Feed.
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  536. K&S – SiPol bubble all SiPol-bubble accounts recommended ( based on 5 of their posts: #1,#2,#3,#4,#5 )
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  537. Eat the Rude 🍷 If I saw you every day, forever... A place for Bryan Fuller's Hannibal, the HEU, and the Fannibal Family. Pulls from the tags #Hannibal #Hannigram #HannibalFanArt and keyword fannibal. May include mature content. 💀🌸
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  538. Miniatures Just smol things we paint. 🎨🖌️ Picks up posts with #miniatures from the last week in post date order.
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  539. TSV 1860 München Beiträge, die den #TSV1860 enthalten
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  540. cine fantástico Feed de publicaciones en castellano sobre cine fantástico
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  541. 책읽기와 전자책 책읽기와 전자책, 독서 피드입니다.
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  542. Wordlers and Quordlers Group chat on Wordle and Quordle results Picks up #WQuers in posts and replies
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  543. ラジオ大好き オススメのラジオ番組を教えて!
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  544. So This is Gundam A mixed gundam/gunpla feed, crawling both the text and Alt Text of posts.
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  545. NASCAR Bluesky hub for NASCAR
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